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Gambling is a thriving industry in Finland, but is it legal to play online casino games? We take a look at Finland’s online gambling laws and explain where Finnish players can safely play real money casino games using Euros at the best venues on the Web.

Finland’s gambling laws

Best and legal Finland online casino websites

The legal landscape surrounding gambling in Finland has been relatively unchanged since World War II, which was around the time that the first slot machines were introduced to the country. Gambling is a legal and regulated industry, with three government run companies holding a monopoly over all gambling related services. Fintoto is the company responsible for bets on horse racing, Veikkaus is the company controlling lottery, keno and bingo, and RAY (short for Raha-automaattiyhdisty) is the company responsible for casino gambling, including slots and table games. A fourth organisation, PAF (Play Among Friends), holds a monopoly on gambling in Finland’s Aland Province, which is a series of 6,500 islands scattered across the Baltic Sea.

The Finnish government is often criticised by the rest of the European Union for holding a monopoly on gambling, but those criticisms are deflected by the fact that lots of the country’s gambling profits are pumped back into charities, help for problem gamblers and care for animals involved in the gambling industry https://Casino777.fi/. There is increased pressure for the government to open the Finnish gambling market, but the chances of that happening any time soon are highly unlikely.


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